Malta - Your Ideal Platform for International Business

If you are considering Malta as the ideal destination to invest in, you are not alone in your decision. With millennia of history, the country has always played a pivotal role internationally due to its location right at the heart of the Mediterranean. The more recent past, since independence in 1964, has seen the country develop its economy in an impressive way. Leveraging its well-educated labour force, good governance standards and strategic geographic position, the country has been very successful in recent years in diversifying its production and export structure towards higher value-added sectors and creating a strong knowledge based economy.

So…Why Malta?

  • A strong national commitment to attracting foreign investment
  • Over 40 years experience in foreign direct investment
  • High levels of quality productivity and profitability of investment
  • Highly skilled, flexible and multilingual workforce
  • Availability of industrial premises at competitive costs
  • Fiscal and financial incentive packages
  • A modern and efficient infrastructure
  • Excellent educational facilities
  • English and Italian are widely spoken with a good understanding of French, German, Arabic and other
  • languagesHigh professionalism in business support services
  • Support from Malta Enterprise - the single point of contact for all investors
  • Economic, political and social stability
  • Valued close economic and cultural ties with neighbouring countries north and south of the island
  • A healthy and safe environment