Malta Represented at the National Multicultural Festival 2019

Malta represented at the the National Multicultural Festival 2019

EU Village inauguration and EU Heads of Mission family photo, 16 February 2019. EU Delegation Head Michael Pulch with Mr. Chris Steele, Minister for Multicultural Affairs (Center) with other EU Heads of Mission, including Malta High Commissioner Charles Muscat (Front row 2nd from left)

Deputy High Commissioner Ms. Denise Demicoli attends to visitors at the Malta Stall, with MAA President John Vassallo and Stephen Porter.


On Saturday 16 February 2019, the High Commission for the Republic of Malta to Australia joined the other EU Member State embassies and High Commissions, as well as the EU Delegation, at this year’s National Multicultural Festival in Canberra. The EU Village, once again, welcomed numerous festival-goers, keen to find out more about each of the 28 participatory countries at 25 EU Member State representation stalls, and the Norway, Latvia & Lithuania stalls.

The official opening of the EU Village was held with a gathering of all participating EU diplomatic missions in the presence of Australian Capital Territory Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mr. Chris Steele, Commissioner for International Engagement, Mr. Brendan Smyth and H.E. Michael Pulch, Head of the EU Delegation. High Commissioner for Malta, H.E. Mr. Charles Muscat joined the distinguished guests in a family photo to inaugurate the occasion.

Hundreds of festival-goers gathered at the Malta stall for information on Maltese culture, traditions and tourism. Tourism brochures and Visit Malta promotional items were provided to all those interested in visiting the Maltese Islands, courtesy of the Malta Tourism Authority.  This year’s stall also welcomed a representative from the Maltese Food and Beverage Distributor, who offered samples of Maltese delights featuring the Kinnie.

Deputy High Commissioner, Ms. Denise Demicoli, would like to thank members of the Maltese Australian Association (MAA) of Canberra & Queanbeyan, President John Vassallo, Ms. Rose Harn & Ms. Connie Grant, and newly elected VP, Mr. George Borg, as well as Ms. Lisa Vassallo, for their continuous support of the initiative and their time in providing invaluable information on Malta to the public.

The National Multicultural Festival in Canberra 2019 edition reaffirmed its place within the cultural calendar of the Australian capital, as a feast of culture, ethnicity, cuisines and colour of the cultures which form Australian society. It was a unique celebration of the coming together of all cultures while appreciating sameness in diversity.

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