THE AUSTRALIAN - MALTESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INC. ("the Chamber") promotes and extends trade between Australia and Malta.

We :

Publish and disseminate statistics, consider questions, make representations to Governments, Chambers of Commerce, and other authorities, and otherwise act in a manner deemed expedient and conducive to better trade practices between Australia and Malta;

Procure reliable information in all matters pertaining to commerce, industry, trades, agricultural, marine customs and transportation;

Provide information on such matters to the proper authorities;

Receive and exhibit samples of products suitable for import and export on behalf of our members where space and other circumstances shall permit;

Give travelling members advice and assistance in making business connections and studying conditions;

In co-ordination with the Maltese-Australian Chamber of Commerce study, promote, extend and advance the lawful interest of people and firms with commercial and industrial relations between Malta and Australia;

Study legislative and other measures affecting trade, commerce, and manufacture, and to take such steps as may be deemed necessary;

Publish reports of the proceedings of the Chamber, statistics, or information of any description of interest to persons carrying on trade with Malta;

Act as arbitrator in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions;

Co-operate with institutions which may assist in or facilitate the fulfilment of the objects of the Chamber;

Purchase, take, lease, or otherwise acquire, premises or other property for the purposes of the Chamber, and also dispose of the same;

Pay all expenses attending the formation of the Chamber and the carrying out of it's objectives;

Borrow money for the Chamber, to invest, lend or otherwise deal with and accept and endorse bills of exchange and other negotiable instrument.