Canberra Meeting

February 2011 saw The AMCC hold its first ever National Committee Member’s meeting in the nation’s capital, Canberra.

AMCC Chapter President, Mrs. Maria Selleck and husband Gordon were on hand to welcome ten chamber committee members to their Yarralumba home.

The landmark decision to move the National Committee members meeting to Canberra was a bold one and a long time in the planning. It signals The AMCC’s intention to consolidate its position in key strategic areas, while bringing on board an ever developing membership base.

Mrs. Selleck and husband Gordon have trekked The Hume Highway many times over the last few years to attend AMCC meetings which are usually held at President, Chev Syd Borg’s Granville offices. On this occasion though, a relaxed Mr. and Mrs. Selleck afforded their own brand of hospitality to chamber mem-bers who braved the 290 kilometer road trip to the nations capital.

The course of the meeting fell within usual AMCC guidelines. Healthy financial reports were submitted. New members were inducted and presented with membership kits and The Chambers future plans were also discussed at length.

One of the main points of interest for committee members was the number of potential members which are currently being courted by The Chamber. If all goes to plan, membership could rise significantly and include members with valuable credentials.

It was also decided that the September bi-monthly meeting will also be moved to Canberra, possibly a Friday night so that partners could attend and possibly turn the weekend into a mini holiday, something many of us would surely appreciate. All members are welcomed to this event.

Emails have been going to and fro between The AMCC and The Maltese Australian Business Association of Victoria, (MABPAV).
MABPAV President Damien Rigby has requested official dialogue with AMCC President , Chev Syd Borg ,in an effort to explore bilateral matters.

Both Presidents have official meetings scheduled on the matter for March or April of this year.

With West Australia and Canberra al-ready on board, The AMCC could soon fulfil its ambition in becoming the true national business representative body in Australia.

In addition to the promising dialogue between The AMCC and The MABPAV , it was decided to establish similar dialogues in Brisbane and Northern Queensland. The details of this are currently under consideration by The AMCC executive Committee.

Emails have also been going to and fro between Mr Jean Claude Uhlenhaut, Regional Leader for Trade and Investment Promotion – Australia/Malta. The substance of the emails was that Mr Uhlenhaut was availing his services via industry specific workshops to assist the AMCC to tap into possible investment options in Malta. Some food for thought for many AMCC members.

Correspondence has been sent between Chamber President Chev Syd Borg and Mr Gordon Pace of Continental Clothing requesting assistance through the AMCC to set up operations in Australia to market his companies products in Australia. The AMCC is exploring all options through its many contacts, some of which are members of The AMCC.


The AMCC held its Annual General Meeting last month at The Il Piotto Restaurant in Horsley Park..

The event required restaurant staff to provide a completely segregated area that could comfortably accommodate the number of members who attended..

As usual, our hosts put on a fabulous Italian feast which was delivered at regular intervals by helpful, cheerful staff in a manner we have come to expect from this establishment.

The business side of things was swiftly and professionally expedited by our outgoing president, Chev. Sydney Borg, who now continues in that role for another twelve months following a voting process that indicated a continuing confidence in the direction Chev, Borg and his board has taken the AMCC over the past five years.

President Borg reiterated the current strength of The AMCC and its new found standing within The Maltese Australian business Community, especially since continuing dialogue with Melbourne based business organisations indicates a willingness to come under the AMCC banner. “The dream of The AMCC becoming a truly national business organisation now becomes closer to reality”, he enthused.

This AGM also saw a number of new members inducted, all of whom will no doubt derive valuable knowledge from business contacts available on our growing roster of members.

Networking Night

Do you like eating pastizzi and ravjul? How about as much as you can stomach!

If your answer to the above two questions is yes, then you must attend the chambers next networking night to be held at the factory of chamber member Gato’s Pastizzi.

The exact date is yet to be deter-mined but it will be in July or August. Those who have attended a networking night at Gato’s pastizzi will know that a great night is had by all. Not only do you have the opportunity to network with fellow colleagues but you also get to sample some of the best Maltese Food on offer. Friends &, associates are also welcome. Who knows, they themselves may end up joining the chamber after this event.

Trade Mission Leads to success story for AMCC member

It was a Trade Mission that ended in business success for long serving member of The AMCC, Chev Paul Zammit. One of our longest serving members, Paul went on a trade visit to Malta with the AMCC a few years back and began dialogue with an organisation called IIM Business Consultants Malta which is part of the Maltese conglomerate, Attard & Co.

Following extensive negotiations over a period of time, Paul recently returned to Malta and signed a joint ven-ture agreement with IIM Malta. Subsequently, a new company was formed in Australia named IIM Business Consultants Australia P/L.

“It is hoped that this is the beginning of many more success stories for our members”, AMCC President, Chev Syd Borg extolled.

“I had a Skype conference last week, along with Paul Zammit, Mr Martin Bianco, the Chairman of IIM Malta and Mr Pierre Galea Musu, one of the Co-Directors, the latter of whom will be in charge of the “Australia Desk”, to welcome them to Australia and offer all the AMCC services which are at our disposal and to help in any way we can”, he added.

In brief, the new venture will be seeking to assist:

Australian exporters to access the European Union and North Africa through Malta
Those who are currently exporting to these markets but have not maximised their potential
Australian exporters in ensuring they are operating at the most tax efficient way possible
Potential Australian exporters to use the Malta Freeport facilities as a springboard into the European Union
I am sure that all members of the AMCC will want to join in wishing Paul Zammit, Martin and Pierre every success possible.

This also appears to be the first joint venture agreement signed between an Australian and Maltese company in more than 25 years and hopefully the precursor of many more such success stories to come.

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