Australian High Commissioner -designate to Malta Calls on H.E. Charles Muscat HC at the Chancery



On 3 November 2016, Ms. Julienne Hince, High Commissioner-designate of Australia to Malta, with non-resident accreditation to Tunisia, called at the Chancery for pre-posting consultations with High Commissioner Charles Muscat.

Besides mentioning the excellent relations that exists between the two countries during their conversation they also mentioned about the Maltese community in Australia and the excellent work they’ve conducted to support the Community.

High Commissioner Charles Muscat gave an overall picture of how the committees and councils operate within their different communities and how they manage to keep the Maltese culture alive since the early Maltese migrants settled in Australia.

Both High Commissioner Charles Muscat and High Commissioner-designate Julienne Hince agreed that they should keep close contact to ensure that existing friendly relations between Malta & Australia are maintained and enhanced.

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