Trade Mission 2009

The economic downturn may have thinned the number of participants, but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the four AMCC delegates who attended the 2009 Trade Mission to Dubai and Malta in May.

Battling oppressive heat and a tight schedule of meetings with business leaders and politicians alike, Chamber President Chev. Syd Borg, Chev. Charles Hili, Mr Gordon Selleck and Mr George Farrugia flew The AMCC flag with distinction.

Such was the success of the mission that all four delegates are now seriously pursuing business interests in both Dubai and Malta.

A meeting in Dubai with The Australian Consul Commercial, Mr James Wyndham , was the catalyst for Chamber Member, Mr Gordon Selleck, representing Maria Selleck Properties of Canberra, to investigate the possibility of advertising Canberra property there and visa versa. President, Chev Syd Borg, also gained valuable information that could see a number of products he represents being promoted in Dubai.

The Maltese leg of The Mission was an extremely hectic one. A private meeting with Malta’s new President, Dr George Abela was not only fruitful in the context of information he divulged, it also showed his personable side, charming the delegation with friendly quips during their forty five minute meeting.

A dinner hosted at the residence of The Australian High Commissioner Mr Jurek Juszczyk, also proved positive. His hospitality was matched only by the interesting business people he assembled for members of the mission to meet.

Other meetings were held with The Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Tonio Borg, opposition leader Dr Joseph Muscat, representatives from The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, The Secretary to The president, Mr Olaph Terribile and also with representatives from The Bank of Valletta.

The whole Trade Mission emphasised one very clear point, President Syd Borg’s wide circle of contacts. It is without doubt, that without these contacts, the intense amount of networking carried out would not have been possible. It therefore highlights the importance of membership and the rewards that can be derived from it.

One member who will testify to that is Mr George Farrugia. George was at first apprehensive as to his ambitions on the mission. It turned out that he was the first delegate to achieve a positive outcome after a lead from Mr Olaph Terribile set him up for a meeting with John David Fashions. George has now gained exclusive rights to market Maltese made suits in Australia.

Besides finally meeting long lost relatives, delegate, Charles Hili also investigated Maltese Cuisine and Souvenirs.

“As an owner of two Maltese food outlets, it was important for me to look at current food trends, décor and value added products that I can relate back to my own businesses here’, Charlie said.

“I now have a fair idea of what I have to do to spruce up my own businesses’ image as well as beginning to import and sell Maltese souvenirs out of both outlets”, he added.

It goes without saying that Charles also loves his wine, so a visit to Marsovin, the Maltese Winemakers, was the highlight of the Trade Mission for him. “Thanks to the hospitality of Henry Cassar, I got to sample a dozen of the winery’s best white and red wines and seeing that Syd Borg doesn’t drink, I consumed his share as well”, he said.

President Syd Borg is now in serious negotiations with Marsovin and a shipment of their wines will be headed for Australia very soon. In Syd Borg’s own words, “We have beers and wines from nearly every nation available in Australia, so now its Malta’s turn”.

Networking Night

The recent networking night held at the premises of Gato’s Pastizzi went off superbly.

Over forty members and guests attended the night, which was
highlighted by a demonstration in pastizzi making by Doris Piscopo, one of the worlds most talented pastizzi makers.

Members and guests were treated to a hearty feed of various varieties
of hot pastizzi and freshly made ravjul, washed down with beer and wine.

Co-Owner Joseph Hili not only prepared all the food, he then took the opportunity to give an insight into the difficulties of running a food manufacturing business and added that, “it’s a passion for making high quality products that drives Gatos Pastizzi to success”

It was The Chamber’s first foray into holding networking nights at member’s business premises this year. The success of this one should encourage an even bigger turnout for the Networking Night which will be held later this year at UBEECO headquarters.

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