Higher Honors for Syd Borg

Congratulations are in order for our president, Chev Syd Borg, on his most recent honor. At a function held in Brisbane on the 24th March by Her Serene Highness, Maya Sovereign Regnant of The Principality of Lichtenberg, Syd Borg was elevated to the title of Knight Grand Cross St Mary.

As a Knight of The Most Noble Order of St Mary, Court deLichtenber get Charlemaine, he becomes Sir Syd Borg and a member of one of the oldest Orders of Chivalry in the world. This current citation compliments his already impressive résumé, which includes, Grand Prior of The Knights of Malta in Australasia, President of The Australian Maltese Chamber of Commerce, Directorship of his own companies and that of other Stock Exchange listed companies and President of various local sporting clubs.

These days, The philanthropic arm of the Lichtenberg Foundation donates to charities that are making a difference in the world. These include The Order of St John, various Romanian orphanages, The St John Ambulance Service, W ildlife preservation work and scientific research, globally.

Their interests extend to all races, colors and creeds and cover an area of diversification ranging from disaster relief, to wildlife preservation, donations of food and equipment and education.

Proud to be a Maltese/Aussie

AMCC Member, Chev Paul Zammitt, knows about the trials and tribulations of being in public office, having served as Minister of Parliament both state and federally for over ten years.

Now a retired pollie and active and successful businessman, Paul has completed his journey by also successfully becoming a Maltese Citizen. Taking advantage of recent changes in Maltese Legislation, Paul made the application over ten months ago and was ecstatic that he had finally been granted the dual citizenship recently.

Paul is now encouraging others to follow his lead.

AMCC Member on Queen’s Birthday Honours List

One of Rouse Hill’s and The AMCC’s favourite sons has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Awarded the Order of Australia in the General Division for his service to the egg industry and the community of Rouse Hill,

Jack Iori said he was “honoured and proud” to be recognised in such a way.

“You don’t expect these sort of things but when they do come, they’re lovely,” Mr Iori said.

As an egg farmer, Mr Iori was involved with the egg marketing industry for many years.

`We had 40,000 chooks then. In those days it was a big farm,” he said.

Mr Iori later developed the Rouse Hill shopping centre.

“I’ve lived in the area for 71 years and I’ve always tried to do the right thing by the community.

The community has been good to me and I think it’s my duty to give a bit back.”

A member of the Australian Egg Marketing Board from 1980 to 1989, he later became a member of the

Commonwealth Egg Marketing Authority for nine years, and was also a member of the NSW Egg Board from 1976 to 1989.

Mr Iori is a benefactor to a range of organisations including St Vincent’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House and Rouse Hill Public School.

“I’m also a patron of the Rouse Hill Rhino Rugby League Club and the Kellyville Bushrangers,” he said.

With all his interests and life-long hard work, the former egg farmer still reckons one of the best and most nutritiousmeals is the humble egg.

“I love eggs,” Mr Iori said. I have two eggs every week, sometimes three. I like ’em boiled and I like ’em fried because I reckon they taste better like that.And I like ’em with brown shells. The egg’s the same, it’s just the look of the egg.

Valletta Café shines

The Chamber held a highly successful business dinner on the night of 3rd July at The Valletta Café in O’Connell St , Central Sydney.

The Forty members and their partners who attended Joe & Miriam ’s stylish inner city café were treated to entrees of home made Maltese Ricotta Ravioli and an extensive range of seafood for mains.

President Chev Syd Borg, took the opportunity to formally welcome new members and to present them with membership kits.

He also unveiled some very attractive apparel that the AMCC will begin merchandising shortly. The stylish polo shirts will be available in men’s and ladies styles in various colours and materials. On to more serious matters, President Syd Borg then introduced guest speaker, our very own, Chev Paul Zammitt.

After hearing Paul’s anecdotes delving into the intrigue of pre-selection processes of the major political parties, one has to wonder why anyone would want to enter the world of politics. W hat was obvious though, is that Paul must have had all the necessary political skills in abundance, to have had such a long and successful
career in both State and Federal politics.

“This is one of the reasons why membership of The AMCC is so beneficial. Outstanding members such as Paul are readily accessible at all Chamber meetings and functions. The knowledge that he imparts on so many subjects, whether on business or politics, is invaluable”. explained President Syd Borg. “he is but one of many outstanding members we have in our ranks”, he added
We welcome Joe & Miriam Portelli of The ‘Café Valletta’ as members of The AMCC

AMCC gaining recognition

In overseas news, President Syd Borg has reported on productive talks held in Malta recently with The Prime Minister of Malta , Dr Lawrence Gonzi.

As we are aware, The Chamber has been lobbying The Government of Malta for some time now to recognise The AMCC as its commercial arm in Australia. This recognition would also have financial benefits for The Chamber.

President Syd Borg used a one-hour meeting with The Prime Minister of Malta, to amongst other things, discuss the issue of sponsorship further.

Dr Gonzi indicated that he was warming to the idea and requested that The Cham ber’s business plan be forwarded to the office of The Maltese High Commissioner in Canberra for perusal.

Early signs are that The Maltese Government may be willing to enter into a partnership with The AMCC and to co-sponsor it as its commercial arm in Australia.

Financial support including that of other sponsors would go a long way in seeing The AMCC achieve its long term goals which are set out in the business plan.

Maltese Café back in hands of Maltese

It’s as Maltese as owning a Falcon Phase 3 lookalike.

As Maltese as downing a Kinnie with your favourite plate of Rabbit Spaghetti. Maybe not as Maltese as breeding your own chickens or racing pigeons, but The Original Maltese Café in Crown St Darlinghurst has probably been around longer than all of them.

After 55 years in operation, making it the oldest Maltese establishment in the southern hemisphere, the café has been purchased by an AMCC

Charles & Joseph Hili of Gato’s Pastizzi are set to take the reigns mid July and plan a Pastizzi Revolution that will turn Sydney on its ear. “We want to return the café to its former glory as the ‘Premier’ Maltese hangout’, said Joseph.

“We already know our 14 varieties of Pastizzi sell well in the establishment. Now we want to work on the marketing aspect and to grow the business to its full potential”, he added.

The irony of all this is that as young boys, Charles & Joseph grew up only a few hundred meters from the café on the same strip.

“The original owners used to call dad quite often to go and help out when they were busy”, explained Charlie.“He would be extremely proud to know that his sons were the new proprietors of the café”, he added.

Plans for the café now include renovations, radio advertising and some new menu ideas that will hopefully see a return of some long forgotten clientele who gave up on the café.

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